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The Opposition named Aitape-Lumi MP and National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch as the alternative prime minister. – Nationalpics by JOEL HAMARI

THE Opposition has named Aitape-Lumi MP and National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch as the alternative prime minister.
It is a requirement under the Standing Orders for a motion of no confidence is to be moved against Prime Minister James Marape.
Pruaitch said if the motion was successful and he became the new head of government, it would be a Christmas gift to PNG.
“We have been (camping) for four solid weeks. Among this group we have three former prime ministers Sir Julian Chan (New Ireland Governor), Paias Wingti (Western Highlands Governor), and Peter O’Neill (Ialibu-Pangia MP),” he said.
“We have former deputy prime ministers, several former ministers who are already part of a team that will restore confidence that has eroded in the past 18 months.
“I and my fellow ministers in the Marape government had no confidence in him and walked out four weeks ago to join the Opposition. I’m so grateful on behalf of the party that I was chosen.”
He said there were only 18 months left before the 2022 national election but it was enough time to fix the deteriorating state of the economy.
“We have a wealth of experience. We have lawyers , economists among us.”
Opposition Leader Belden Namah thanked all the 55 Opposition MPs.
“We want to announce that our nominee as the alternative prime minister is Hon Patrick Pruaitch, the leader of NA Party. The caucus has decided that he is our nominee.”

House awaits ruling on MP Palma

THE order of business in Parliament tomorrow will depend on a clarification by the courts on the status of Kerowagi MP Bari Palma, says clerk to Parliament Kala Aufa.
He told The National that the issue needed to be sorted out first to determine if Palma should remain as an MP after he was declared insolvent in June 2017. This however has been annulled by a recent court order.
Speaker Job Pomat had to adjourn Parliament after it sat yesterday morning in compliance with a Supreme Court order to seek clarification from the court on Palma’s status as an MP.
Aufa said if there was no clarity on Palma’s status, then Parliament would have to be adjourned for another day to allow for this process.
“We cannot have a member of parliament who is in question to be in the House because it will raise questions,” he said.
“If Pomat does not get any answers from the court, he is likely to adjourn for another day or two. The running of the Parliament will depend very much on Palma’s case because like MPs said they cannot have a stranger in the house.”
Parliament started an hour late yesterday as representatives of both sides of the house discussed with Pomat how the order of the business would be conducted.
The session ended up in a shouting match between both sides.
After his opening remarks, Pomat explained to the House that there was a case regarding an MP which needed clarity. He made several attempts to seek leave of Parliament to adjourn for a day but was continuously shouted down by the Opposition MPs.
Pomat explained that Section 103 (3) (d) of the Constitution stated that a person adjudged insolvent under any law was not qualified to be or to remain as a member of parliament. He said the seat should become vacant.
“The National Court has jurisdiction to determine any question as to the qualification of a person to remain a member pursuant to Constitution Section 135,” he said.

Members of committee to discuss motion

THE members of the Parliament’s Private Business Committee are expected to meet tomorrow to discuss a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister James Marape.
The members named during the Parliament sitting on Nov 13 are Speaker Job Pomat, Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan, Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, Nipa-Kutubu  MP Jeffery Komal, Kandep MP Alfred Manase, Lagaip-Porgera Tomait Kapili and Pomio MP Elias Kapavore.
The motion was moved by Opposition Leader Belden Namah and seconded by Sir Puka Temu. It was signed by 13 MPs from the Opposition yesterday.
The committee if it decides that the motion “is of national importance” will deliver a copy to the clerk to parliament who will then inform all MPs about it.
A notice of motion of no confidence is a private notice of motion and shall have precedence on Private Business day.

Speaker Job Pomat announcing that he would be adjourning Parliament to tomorrow to sort out the status of Kerowagi MP Bari Palma in court. – Nationalpic by JOEL HAMARI

Furore in House as MPs exchange fire

PARLIAMENT erupted in chaos when points of order were raised after Speaker Job Pomat announced he would be adjourning Parliament to tomorrow to sort out the status of Kerowagi MP Bari Palma in court.
Opposition Leader Belden Namah wanted to present the “court decision” on Palma to the Speaker who did not accept it.
Namah told Pomat he was “misleading parliament” and “you should leave the chair” which brought loud responses from the Government side.
Pomat had to raise his voice several times as the chamber erupted into shouts from both sides of the house.
Police Minister Bryan Kramer then raised a point of order which saw more shouts from the Opposition.
“This paper you (Namah) have has no meaning to be given to the speaker. You (speaker) have to make a point of order to the call for a vote because we have a stranger in the house.”
Namah again asked that he tendered the document but Pomat refused to accept it.
Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch stood up for another point of order.
“I think we need to restore some decorum in the chair, Mr Speaker. This is your job you need to leave and seek legal advice,” he said.
Madang Governor Peter Yama agreed with the Speaker and suggested that he should seek advice from the court. It calmed down the MPs for a while.
Namah then tried to move a motion to adjourn parliament which caused another round of shouting.
Minister for Petroleum Kerenga Kua told Parliament a slip rule application had been filed by the Government.
“Just yesterday (Monday) we filed a SC slip rule application, one of the questions before the court is whether a non-minister like MP Namah can move the motion to adjourn. That is why its sub-judice and we cannot entertain it here.”
Parliament was then adjourned to tomorrow.

Abel: We have right to move motion of no confidence

Charles Abel

Our Development Party leader Charles Abel said it was the right of MPs to move a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister James Marape.
“It is our absolute right. We are doing our utmost to follow all the legal requirements,” he said.
Abel also criticised the way Pomat handled yesterday’s Parliament sitting by adjourning it quickly.
“The Marape-led Government displayed the fact that it does not have the numbers. Papua New Guineans saw it (on live television) in Parliament.
“We gave the Government the opportunity to show their numbers. All they could do was shout and yell.”
The Opposition filed the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister James Marape.
Opposition Leader Belden Namah moved the motion seconded by Abau MP Sir Puka Temu. It was signed by 13 MPs in Parliament yesterday.
Clerk to Parliament Kala Aufa said the motion had reached Speaker Job Pomat, the chairman of Parliament’s Private Business Committee which sits tomorrow to discuss it.
Abel said Pomat’s lecture on legal issues was irrelevant.
“(Marape) was talking about handing down the budget. He is telling us to show our numbers. We are attempting to do so but he continues to frustrate it,” Abel said.
“It is a minority Government. It has lost the mandate of the Parliament. It cannot pass the budget. The prime minister should simply resign.”
He said the Opposition MPs had stayed on course for four weeks.
“We are determined and will not waiver. We are united on the decision that this Government is damaging this country very badly. The Speaker must allow Parliament to entertain this motion.”

From left: Mining Minister Johnson Tuke, Commerce and Industry Minister William Duma, Minister assisting the Prime Minister on Sports and National Gaming Wesley Raminai, Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey and Minister for Transport & Infrastructure William Samb in parliament yesterday.
Police happy with public response to instructions
Anthony Wagambie Jr

POLICE officers during the Parliament sitting yesterday reported no issues as city residents chose to listen to their radios or watch television at home.
National Capital District/Central commander Assistant Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jr said police maintained security with motorists complying with rules.
ACP Wagambie was pleased with the operation by police around Parliament House adhered to by the people.
Only MPs, Parliament workers, staff of MPs and journalists were allowed into Parliament.
Mobile Squad units maintained visibility around Parliament House.
Parliament has been adjourned to tomorrow by Speaker Job Pomat. Police will again maintain their presence around Parliament House.
“Public gatherings will not be entertained by police on Wednesday. All residents of NCD are encouraged to go about their business as usual and allow members of parliament to carry out their duties.”
“It was quiet with many taking to listening to their radios and watching TV at home than waiting around the vicinity of Parliament House,” Wagambie said.
The National noted that police were also positioned on the hill near the golf course.


  • government of the day.

    so if you vote him will you go against him or work with him.
    all politicians a question for you to answer.
    think properly because 2022 elections is at the corner and all of you will return to the very people you neglected at your respective electorates for five years and ask for power again except for those who where with their people serving them all throughout the five years.

  • Congrats PP for your appointment as the alternate PM,you have said that PMJM hasn’t deliver over the last 18 months period so lets wait and see how you can bring the country back to normalcy within this 18 months before fresh election if VONC is in your favour???,just turn around and look carefully at you back yard ‘Aitape Lumi electorate]???its still way back to the colonial era with no good infrastructural development taking place during you reign as their mp for last 20 years or so,how can you develop PNG when you back yard is so filty and unchange in term of development????develop and fix the deteriorating state of the economy for PNG as you preach is by far very difficult task…We see that you can not do little thing right so handling big task as PM job very very difficult task…..

  • PNG is not expecting anything good from you! Forget about this “Christmas Gift” your are proclaiming

  • By Banis,
    Why namah call the shots but the ball is always passed to some one else, why not namah ,PP never attemded to students unrest well in 2016, they will form the same team as usual

  • LTS

    I suggest before VONC will be taken we the people of PNG wants the current PMJM and alternate PMPP to debate and we want the alternate PMPP to tell the people of PNG how he will rescue and restore this country to Normalcy. all this times MP were lying to simple people of papua new giunea. we can’t take it any more. we already saw some changes in this current government and we are please about the changes. if nothing is done with in this 18 months people will step in and we will make sure that MP with out vision must not enter the parliament on 2022 election. don’t rush the VONC please debate it out first.

  • Why not give the ball back to the one whom it was snatched from 18 months ago? It is now obvious that the manifestation of greed hss substanialised itself in the current decision for the alternate PM, a defective and deceptive material for the top post.

  • LTS

    Thanks PMJM for the laws sets for the resources sector and other bills pass to protect this country png. well done .
    if opposition wins the VONC, don’t bother change these laws because they are for the good of this country PNG. TAKE BACK PNG IS A TRUE SLOGAN.

  • This is a call out to all patriotic Papua New Guineans!

    The unfolding of political events is much deeper than what meets the eye.

    There are sinister motives behind the move by the opposition and yes multi national corporations are at work.

    What is at stake? Our National Sovereignty is at stake!

    Remember August 2011? While Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare slept on his sick bed Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal moved to dismantle the controversial SABL (Special Agricultural Business Leases). What happened next? The loggers led by RH put up money to change the government and it did.

    Today we have sinister people, called political and economic hitmen working behind closed curtains. And no this time it is not the loggers but rather the miners.

    Multi Nationals have no interest in greater participation and empowerment of local land owners or PNG as a whole. All they are interested in is to come in exploit, rape our land and leave us high and dry.

    Since Independence no one has seen the likes of our Prime Minister James Marape who can stand up tooth and nail to fight for the rights of landowners and PNG.

    We have already seen changes in our mining laws that has seen greedy corporations packing up and leaving.

    Yes what do they do? They apply for permits, trade them on the open market and raise millions of dollars for themselves.

    Patriotic Papua New Guineans must be vigilant. Are we going to trade peace and harmony for a few bucks. Has Papua New Guinea sunk after Pogera shut down?

    Have we forgotten so quickly that it was mining disputes that led to the decade long Bougainville Civil War?

    Or are we willing to shed our own blood to allow foreigners to exploit our land.

    The time for standing together is now! The time for our politicians to rally behind our Prime Minister James Marape is now but what did they do? They all traded thier dignitaries and flew off to Vanimo.

    Before the November parliament sitting eye witnesses made a head count of 59 MPs including Ministers walking into Crown Plaza. A further 67 were said to have given thier blessing.

    It is no surprise that many Ministers crossed the floor in the budget session.

    Do you really think they have a heart for the people? Do you really think it was because of PNG Biomed?

    Why didn’t Ministers like Sir Puka Temu move when then PM Oneil loaned a controversial $3Billion USD for who knows what? And imagine him now crying over a lousy k10 million given to support a Papua New Guinean company fight against COVID19?

    Money is moving under the table and no it is not just Barrick. Remember the Chinese Mining Company is set to buy off Pogera share from Barrick.

    Yes the Red Dragon, is once again flexing its muscles to Take Over PNG!

    The likes of PM JM and his government is just a stumbling block and yes more than k100 million has been put to grease the engine room to fail his government.

    Patriotic Papua New Guineans must put to task what the Vanimo camp is all about?

    Especially when Opposition Leader Beldan Namah has clearly outlined in his press release that that first order of the day would be to Open Up Pogera Gold Mine again.

    Our short history tells us that Power and Money hungry politicians will stop at nothing to have thier way! They have forgone thier dignitaries knowing how susceptible and gullible Papua New Guineans are.

    Watch closely the Supreme Court ruling? If the courts rule in favour of the government these monsters have shown that they will disrespect the rule of law in this country.

    They have done it once and they will do it again. They will say majority rules and ride on the Independence of the legislature as the key principle behind thier anticipated move!

    Yes these majority of money and power hungry politicians will stop at nothing.

    Insiders tell us that they have planned to converge on parliament at December 31st. They will converge and attempt to hijack parliament as they did in August 2011.

    History tells us that our police force can never be trusted. Instead they shall always go to the highest bidders.

    That’s why Patriots must rise up. Patriots must form a human shield surrounding parliament and allow no politician to enter parliament on December 1st.

    It is now or never. If blood must be shed for the sake of this country then let it be December 1st 2020.

    It is now or never Patriots. It is time for patriotic Papua New Guineans to rise up.

    Patriotic Papua New Guinean
    Isreal kundi RCDF
    Think about it if you love your country

  • This country will go to the dogs if the incompetent PP wins, recycled politician who has never done anything except for being a puppet for multiple past governments.

    @Up PMJM

  • Israel Kundi,
    Investment by companies around the world is how economy is run.
    You could chose to isolate PNG from rest of the world economy and remain bankrupt.
    You will have to deal with massive unemployment and rising crime.
    You will depend on foreign aid from a few friends or sell your soul to China.
    Our problem is not foreign companies.
    Our problem is our politicians who are just corrupt. This includes your hero James Marape who was finance minister for 7 year under Peter O’Neill.

    • Yea, save your energy and your fingers from getting sore, you might hurt yourself. The government has already made it out of the vote of no confidence (they are shield). You can shoot your cheap wooden arrow comes 2022. You, Stan, Nux and Laban, I suggest you go into hibernation. Have some rest and come refresh in 2022.

    • PMJM is NOT a natural born leader so he will be changed. Ol force type emotional leader nabout. 7 years under O’neil na now u la straitim wrong blo u. Good another MP take the PM post.

  • NO change of Government will take place for this VONC against PM James Marape.
    Just an opinion.

  • NO change of Government will take place this alluding VONC against PM James Marape.
    Just an opinion.

  • Is this the person who said, “who are they?” when members of parliament received news that police had fired live rounds at protesting UPNG students????

  • What a silly joke “Christmas gift to PNG”??? Can’t the MPs on the opposition see that the people are really rallying behind the current government? Say what you want, PMJM is the best PM PNG has seen so far!
    All those ignorant briefcase carriers must come to their senses and cross the floor to keep the current government continue.

  • Charles Abel is now emerging from his cocoon to say something that’s been repeated over and over!!?? Nothing original to say, huh? What a heap of bullshit he vomited talking about his 100 days Development package or sorts, which never got implemented, and to date no footprint of such gibberish bullshit. You cannot even match JM and his leadership style is not in your league.

  • One of the worse MPs selected to lead the nation? the Christmas gift to the people of this nation is cover up to all corruptions. it is proper to nominate Peter O’Neil. otherwise PMJP is the best person for our country PNG.

  • Sorry for the small boy Belden Namah. He has been screaming and shouting and jumping like no one else, certainly hoping to have been declared or nominated alternative PM. Now em ai dring kolawara. Actually it is sad that opposition camp came up with a candidate like PP. If you look at his history with all the corruption cases against him that have been dealt with in courts and are still in court two you wonder why they did not come up with a more suitable candidate. But how do you want to choose a guy with transparency, honesty, integrity and character from out of a camp of over 50 of the most corrupt politicians in PNG. Marape has cut and closed their extra source of income and that’s why they are so desperate to get rid of him. PP will bring PNG down to its knees if he becomes PM. Mark my word. There could not have been anyone worse than him.

  • PMJM is a man who have good deal of vanity who believes and a deal he has of boldness who affirms, that all doctrines he holds are true, and all he rejects are false. We fully support PMJM as he is the the prime minister of the grass roots not you big sots who look for new wives and selfish politicians who are not sensible in basing their opinions arguments on the grassroot.

  • The opposition has nominated the wrong person to be their alternate PM. PP haters in the opposition will now move to the government. By tomorrow, the rows of seats on the government side would have hold more than 60 MPs. Mark my word!

  • If PMJM can give 51% of their resource back to landowners to get back PNG, What PM had done that before, non. What miricle do PNG wants to see only in 18months. PMJM had done some marvelous job within this short period.
    By the Prayers of the People of PNG you will retain and again in 2022 and lead PNG. Heads up PMJM

  • Go Go PMJM Go all the way ,,we are with you …..
    Is the best he stood up for PNGs course, not like yes yah masta Politician on the Opposition……..

  • Charles Abel is worried about his family monopoly business in real estate, security, building & constructions and hotel and tourism company. He doesn’t give a dam about those Milne Bayan’s . He keeps them at bay and shut their mouth with lousy K20-K50.
    That’s how creeping he is……em tu steal man…

  • PM seat is anyones, God sees special person for special task, God placed JM for the task. He shall accomplish it these remaining 18months, come 2022. His short stay is joy to common people. JM surely shall prevail.

  • Seems the so called leaders that the people elected them to lead this country wisdom, dignity and respect are all highly intellectual dumbs. No wonder they can’t resolve political issues within the floor of Parliament and are all running to the Court House seeking Court’s ruling like two little kids fronting their parents to decide who is right and who is wrong.
    If that’s the case then allow the Court to decide who should be the PM too.

  • PP is A very interesting character nominated for the PM post by the opposition. In the lead up to PMJM PP was the choice for PM over JM. JM broke up the camp and joined PO and formed government. Later PO was terminated from the government to opposition. Similar movement is afoot. SB will be the game changer. Currently he is very bitter man about the lie he was told he will be the PM without any vote. PP is the opposition choice over SB and there is something cooking up folks. Will see changes and movements unfolding in the remaining few days before the VONC.

  • PP what Christmas presents are you talking about.
    PNG had an early Christmas present from PMJM and his government.
    1. The ICAC act
    2. 40-50% resources back to LO.
    3. K200 million SMEs’
    4. DHEST for our children
    5. Repaying our debt /loan.
    I think you should come up with better Christmas presents for PNG.

  • Congratulation PP, only time will tell if you will be successful in forming the next government. For now, I for one still favors the current government under PMJM.

  • The current team 55 has nominated NOT the most competent trusted Leader to be their alternate PM, thus, a slip again within themselves. Their alternate PM candidate challengers in the opposition will now rethink, remobilize & move to the current government. By end of VONC and all passed within the next days to come, the current government still remain. PNG Politics will be at its best again to test every possibilities.

  • PNG we are in the crucial time so please we need to be united as one nation, one country and let PMJM be our prime minister to lead us to be economical freedom or liberated. we all can read and write so PMJM policy to take back PNG is very clear.

    Thank you.

  • I was only hoping to see SB or PO to be an alternate PM candidate for the opposition.

    What about the dupe beta boy BN who barks a lot in Parliament, doesn’t he deserves some recognition to give some shorts to prove his worth?

  • This becomes an issue already and speaker should set up date and time for VONC to proceed on with.We talk about politics daily and really tired.Make VONC to happen so that we can put this to end.
    God bless PNG.

  • You have created bitterness with the secret ballot working in favour of PP. Kumul blo Morobe is the game breaker.Watch what will unfold on the floor.He moved over b’coz he may have been promised the top post.Why would you move if you already had the second top post? SB, is cooking up something behind the scene.

    This country needs stable leaders and not for a few power hungry mongrels shopping around for power.

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