Pruaitch praises supporters for their support of his leadership

National, Normal

Treasury and Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch says he has been receiving message of support since his referral to a leadership tribunal, and said he is overwhelmed by it.
He said individuals and organisations from the cross-section of the community had contacted him by telephone or in writing to express their support of his leadership and for an early resolution of the matter so that he could continue to serve the country.
In the latest of indication of this support, two groups from his home province of Sandaun wrote in to reaffirm their loyalty to him and his leadership.
In separate letters, the National Alliance’s Sandaun branch and the Paps Co-operative Society of Nuku expressed confidence that Mr Pruaitch would be cleared of any wrongdoing.
The NA Sandaun branch said in its letter that it stood “united and solid” with the minister.
“We appeal to all strong and faithful supporters to remain calm and respect the due process of law as the matter of referral is now before the court.”
The board which includes four Catholic priests wrote: “Our prayers and thoughts are with you.”
In expressing gratitude for the level of support, Mr Pruaitch reiterated his earlier statement that he hoped for an early resolution of his application to the court disputing the legality of the validity and fairness of the process followed by the Ombudsman Commission in the referral.
He appealed to the people of his electorate as well as other supporters to remain calm while the matter was being addressed.