Pruaitch says Namah must look at himself

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The National, Monday 30th July 2012

NATIONAL Alliance party leader Patrick Pruaitch says Belden Namah must look at himself for the reasons why he has been sidelined from talks to form the new government.
“Namah played hero in August last year (when Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare was ousted as prime minister) and now finds that he is without leaders,” Pruaitch who last week succeeded Sir Michael, who stepped down, as head of the National Alliance.
Caretaker Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has at least 68 MPs-elect to back him in the formation of the new government, including former prime ministers Sir Michael (National Alliance), Sir Julius Chan (People’s Progress Party) and Paias Wingti (People’s Democratic Movement).
“He (Namah) should not blame other great leaders of our nation. Rather he should ask: why are leaders leaving him or keeping away from him?
“PNG is a nation founded under the Constitution. Its government finds its lawful powers under the Constitution.
“Parliament is a creature of the Constitution. Its powers are limited by the Constitution. Parliament has no power outside the Constitution.
“The experience Namah relies on is untenable.
“He has no numbers for the governor-general to invite his party to form a new government.”