Pruaitch welcomes tribunal

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TREASURY and Finance Minister Patrick Pruaitch welcomed the appointment of a Leadership Tribunal to investigate allegations of misconduct in office against him.
The Aitape-Lumi MP, in a statement yesterday, said he hoped the tribunal would set a date to quickly hear and dispose of the matter.
 “In the meantime, I am appealing to my people of Aitape-Lumi to remain calm while this matter is being addressed,” Mr Pruaitch said.
He said this after Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia appointed a Leadership Tribunal to hear the allegations against the minister.
The panel is headed by Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika.
The appointment follows a request made by acting Public Prosecutor Jim Wala Tamate to the Chief Justice on Dec 10 under section 27 (2) and 7 (e) of the Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership.
The two other members of the tribunal are principal magistrate Peter Toliken and senior magistrate Nerrie Eliakim.
The tribunal will commence its inquiry on a date and time still to be fixed.
The allegations of misconduct in office were alleged to have been committed during Mr Pruaitch’s tenure as Forest Minister.