PTB revived

Highlands, Normal


THE Public Transport Board (PTB) for the Highlands provinces has been revived to maintain and repair roads.
Works Department’s deputy secretary Hans Sarua launched the re-established PTB in Mt Hagen yesterday.
The PTB, once known as the “flying squad”, was abolished by the National Government in 1995. But when major roads began deteriorating, the Government decided to revive it.
Each provincial Works division in the region would take charge of the Okuk Highway section within its province.
The Works Department spent over K5 million to buy 40 vehicles to equip the PTB. Mr Sarua said another K2.3 million will be spent on machinery like dump trucks and rollers to work on road maintenance and repairs.
He added that the machinery and equipment could also be hired to private contractors.
Chew Kok An, adviser with the Asian Development Bank, said the revival of the PTB was timely and its work to maintain the road network would save money for the Government.
The Asian Development Bank have also purchased equipment for the five provinces in the region.
Acting deputy provincial administrator of Western Highlands Pim Mamindi said his engineering division would cooperate to maintain a good network of roads.