Puara the missing link


I wrote to this column last week challenging Kumuls’ coach Michael Marum to pick the Hunters’ combination.
I watched with sadness as the Kumuls were outplayed by England.
I said before the game against Ireland and then England that Marum needed to keep the Hunters’ trio of Wartovo Puara Jnr, Ase and Watson Boas.
This was the combination that brought down the Cook Islands and the Fijians during the Pacific Cup.
It also brought the Intrust Cup home.
Segeyaro and Baptist might have the NRL exposure but they can’t match the ability of Puara Jnr.
His presence was missing in the game against Ireland and England.
I thought Puara Jnr factor was the missing link.
Please coach, have some respect and confidence in our home-grown talent.
You know Puara Jnr very well and what he’s capable of.
You denied him the opportunity.
The trio’s combination brought you much glory and honour as the coach.
Without them you wouldn’t be where you are.

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