Public funds mismanaged


EVERY year Moresby-South MP and Lands and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko gives special grants to representatives in our Koki-Wanigela Settlement to host games and activities.
This has happened since the good minister came into office.
Not all the funds given are used for their intended purposes by leaders and their cronies in the community.
This has happened on many occasions. It has come to a point where someone has to come out and publicly raise the issue.
The minister should be aware of how funds given are used.
During the recent Apec and Christmas period, large amount of money were given to community leaders to host games and activities.
Only three zones out of the eight received their share of the funds, while the rest claimed to never received anything at all.
The good minister should ensure that money given are publicly announced to the community, as they do not benefit the entire community.
The minister’s intentions are good but are manipulated by a few self-centred people.
They have not lived up to expectations of the MP and this has to stop.
Money given are public funds meant to benefit everyone.
If they are public funds, there should be acquittals at the end of the day.
If they are mismanaged, someone will be accountable for that.
We hope the good minister knows about this.

Koki Wanigela, Via E-mail