Public money wasted


THE Eastern Highlands administration management headed by the current CEO is bombarded with multiple lawsuits of all kinds.
Lawyers from private law firms are running into his office almost every day, picking up those lawsuits against him to defend him and his management.
Private lawyers are milking out tens of thousands of kina earmark for the people of this province to fight for one man’s benefit.
These monies that could have been spent providing quality health services for the people are continuously wasted and thus the province is faced with many health problems.
We, the working population are stagnant on our salaries.
Thirteen years since the last structure was approved, and our base salaries still remain the same from 2006.
What sustains us in these crucial time of increased prices of goods and services are awards won by our associations and unions fought over years.
We are further suppressed when authorities refuse to pay our overtimes, shift loads, SDMA and 25 per cent shift for nurses to name a few.
Our work morale is low and as a result our work output and care to the patients are down and thus there is a drastic increase in our annual death rate.
K4.9 million was made available for an outstanding industrial awards payment for HEOs, MLTs and an outstanding back payment for allied health, CHWs and nurses was to be paid in pay numbers 25 and 26 of 2013 but was hijacked.
Less than 10 per cent of that money was paid to the staff.
TVAs and PVAs were never produced.
The Industrial Registrar was also present but we don’t know why he could not stop the corrupt act. As the result, the impasse in 2014 started and got out of hand.
A few months following that, they pop up becoming business men and women owning business everywhere not under their own names but their wives, kids, and in-laws as a cover-up.
The same management team is still here today doing all sorts of things to remain in power.
Clean them up once and for all.
People are dying.


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