Public office holders must be held accountable

Letters, Normal

Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

CORRUPTION has taken roots in our government institutions and society at large.
Attorney-General Kerenga Kua said the government was serious about fighting it and the anti-corruption commission would weed out corruption among public servants, bureaucrats and politicians who misuse funds.
Unfortunately, unscrupulous people will continue to commit heinous crimes without fear of being punished.
Numerous governments have spent much money on fighting corruption through the media, workshops and conferences, but to no avail.
Frankly, the fault lies with our political leaders and the public service, particularly the law enforcement agency.
The only explanation that can be offered for their failures are they are weak, incapable and heavily compromised.
I challenge Kua to investigate the use of DSIP funds while other­ leaders should also take ownership in this fight.
This would ensure that corrupt actions do not go unaccounted for and that laws of this nation are seen to be working for everyone.
Also, make appropriate legislation to allow for the prosecution of corrupt politicians and public office holders.

Jack Atte Kapa
Oknel Koragol, Chimbu