Public responds with mixed feelings

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

THERE were mixed reactions, as expected, to the Supreme Court ruling yesterday.
Officials from the Chinese embassy seemed happy with the Supreme Court decision to reinstate Sir Michael Somare as Prime Minister.
But others reacted differently in court.
Rabaul MP Dr Allen Marat and Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah were seen sitting with heads bowed as the decision began going in favour of the former government of Sir Michael.
People walking out of the courtroom were seen either smiling or sullen after the ruling was delivered.
Suspended Angoram MP Arthur Somare was all smiles although he tried to conceal the apparent joy at the ruling.
Though it was raining and getting dark, city residents were still standing outside the courthouse gates expectantly waiting for the news of the decision.
Those, for whom the news was bad, left the area with comments like “we wasted our time waiting”.
However, there were others who shouted “Papa i kam bek gen (Father has returned)” referring to Sir Michael.