Public servant arrested for interrupting polling

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

POLICE have arrested a senior public servant and a resident in Malalaua district, Gulf province for interrupting polling.
They have been detained at the Kerema police station.
Gulf returning officer Poevare Tore said the public servant and the resident emptied the ballot papers from the ballot boxes last Saturday during polling at the settlement.
“He (named) and the other man emptied the ballot boxes when polling was taking place. Police were later sent to arrest those involved in emptying the ballot boxes when they found the ballot papers in his bag.
“We received reports that he emptied the ballot boxes and put all the papers in his bag and was wandering around the polling area.
“When police got to the settlement they found the ballot papers in his bag and arrested him.
“He is now locked up at Kerema police station with his counterpart,” Tore said.
Police in Kerema could not be reached to verify the incident.