Public servant helps cooperative society with printer and laptop


A PUBLIC servant has come to the aid of Piwi Anga Farmers’ Association at Piwi village in Menyamya, Morobe, by buying them a laptop and a printer to help them with their office work.
The society on Monday received the laptop and the printer from Ringwaku Sedrick, who works as a provincial liaison officer under the village court and land mediation office.
Sedrick, who comes from the same village, said the purpose was to help people cut down on the cost of travelling, as bad road conditions make it risky to travel to Lae just to print one document.
“For a village like Piwi, which is located on the border of Gulf and Morobe, we walk four hours to Menyamya station, and spend K70-K80 for transport to come to Lae,” he said.
“As we arrive here, we spend some money again on services that we need. This is time-consuming and a expensive exercise.
“I chose to help the cooperative because they are from my village, and was recently established.”
Sedrick said he experienced the hard life when he was a student and he decided to help his people.
Society president James Abraham, who was overwhelmed by the donation, said the equipment would boost the organisation.
“We established this cooperative to help our local farmers,” he said. “We want our people to till the soil.” The farmers grow onions, carrots, sweet potato, garlic, ginger, cabbage, and they are now looking towards farming fruits such as apples and mandarins.
Sedrick said the equipment were for the society, but schools, churches and aid posts, and even community members must also be allowed to use them.

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