Public servants appointmets

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 IT is interesting to know and see how newly-established Hela province, the home of PNG’s multi-million kina LNG project is progressing, functioning and having its public servants mechanism in place to drive the new province forward. 

It has been a year since we elected our leaders to work together for the best interests of the Hela people and ensure service delivery is a priority. The problem though, is that the public servant mechanism is malfunctioning.  

Also, if we have no permanent provincial administrator, district administrators, departmental  heads and other public servants in place, how can we drive our province forward? 

The appointments to some of these senior positions in the provincial headquarters and districts needs to be made on merit and not through favours. 

I supported the article by Edward Toto on appointing the Hela provincial government administrator immediately (July 13).  

As an educated elite, I have no objection in having William Bando for this position because he is a young, vibrant Hela leader and he has led Hela through the rough seas. With his experiences and knowledge, our governor and the three MPs can work together to develop Hela.  

As a CEO for  the transitional administration and now as acting provincial administrator, Bando proved himself to be worthy and is one of those educated elites who are sacrificing his time for Hela.  

We belief that he is working on the new Hela provincial government public servant appointments but we need our Governor ,Anderson Agiru, and the three MPs to support Bando to speed up these appointments.  

Whether Bando becomes the administrator is not is not the issue but the time and efforts he has given into appointing the public servants is what our governor and the provincial executive council (PEC) need to support for immediate action.  

Let us be realistic and appoint the directors and other senior positions immediately so that they too can be held responsible for their duties and contribute towards the development.  

The responsibilities should be shared and everyone should work towards developing Hela.  

Therefore, can our governor, the three MPs and PEC members speed up on 

the appointment of the provincial government administrator, senior directors, district administrators and other public servants for the best interests of the people of Hela?

It is time we should put all our personal and political differences aside and work as true sons and daughters of Hela to develop our new province.


Micks Alouis Eka Igini, Via email