Public servants await overdue payments


THE long-awaited 2020 consumer price index (CPI) payments for public servants is no way in sight.
There is no comment from the Government, Teaching Service Commission, Education Department and PNG teachers association to date.
Despite cessation of the CPI payments for 2019 in pay 14 this year, there is no word from the responsible authorities to sort this matter for the next three years.
Why is it the 3 per cent CPI payment for public servants delayed?
During these uncertain times with regard to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the holding up of this entitlement is uncalled for.
Public servants are on the receiving end of an ignorance by some smart individuals who don’t care about other people.
A public servant has family to feed and meet traditional obligations during these uncertain times.
And, yet, the system meant to look after them is turning a blind eye to their needs.
It is not right to continue withholding something that is rightfully meant for public servants hence the Government should step in and address this.
It’s getting towards the end of the year and something should be done.
Pay up to 3 per cent CPI payment outstanding before this year ends.
Mind you, it’s approaching school closings dates and the silence is unjustified.