Public servants get good pay: Kali

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

Department of Personnel Management secretary John Kali says the Government increased the average pay of public servants by 55 per cent since 2010.
Speaking at a Public Employees Association congress at March Girls Resort in Central, Kali said  police constables, teachers and nurses had similar or bigger pay increases over the six years.
“In 2010, the lowest paid public servants were earning K350 per fortnight and today they are earning K600 per fortnight,” Kali said.
“Likewise, the entry of base-grade constables have increased from K600 to K1050 per fortnight, base grade for teachers from K390 to K900 and base grade for nurses from K450 to K820 per fortnight.
“All our public servants have witnessed for the first time in 25 years a significant boost in real value of their earnings, taking into account the negative impact of inflation.
“When adjusted for cumulative inflation of 35 per cent over the past six years, the net real value of the average earnings of our 120,000 public servants increased by an average of 20 per cent since 2010.”
Kali said recognition had been awarded to public servants by the Government in line with the high levels of growth in the economy and increased government revenues.
He thanked the Governmentand the public sector unions that represent the health sector workers, teachers and disciplined forces for their efforts towards the welfare of public servants.
He said the average length of service of public servants was more than 16 years.