Public servants getting a raise


PUBLIC servants will soon receive the three per cent pay increment from their employer, the Government.
This has been announced by the public service minister.
The long-overdue package will relieve the stress of those who tirelessly and diligently serve this country with pride and dignity.
One thing public servants should have in mind is that they should put people’s interest first.
Their actions should portray the true meaning of the title of public servant.
Remember, Papua New Guinea expects something greater from you.
Public servants should perform their duties to the fullest.
For example:

  • Police officers should uphold the law and protect citizens and property;
  • Prison breakups should be minimised;
  • Teachers should polish up to achieve greater results;
  • Doctors and nurses should promptly attend to emergency cases;
  • People should not be turned away because the officer in charge is out of the office during working hours attending to his or her private business; and
  • Public servants should respect the official working hours between 8am and 4pm

Public servants should know that they are lucky to be getting a pay rise.

Hanam Bill Sandu
Concerned Taxpayer,

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