Public servants getting extra in pay packet


PUBLIC servants are expected to receive soon the final payment of a 3 per cent pay increment which was part of a three-year award agreed to by the Government in 2016.
Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore said around 120,000 public servants throughout the country should receive the payment in the next fortnightly pay.
“The Central Agencies Coordinating Committee has approved that the (3 per cent pay increment be paid) from Pay 9 (due Wednesday next week),” Kapavore said.
The Government had signed an agreement with the Public Employees Association in 2016 to pay an annual 3 per cent pay increase to all public servants in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
The Council of Public Sector Unions wants it paid in the next fortnight (fortnight ending April 24).
Kapavore said they needed to sort out how the teachers, who comprise half of the civil service, are to be paid.
“(We need to) seek an understanding with the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) and their members to agree to fortnightly payments rather than their demand for a lump sum payment,” he said.
“Consultations are being made between my department, the Teacher Service Commission and the Labour and Industrial officers to assess various implications.”
Kapavore said the Government had made the commitment to pay the 3 per cent increments over the three years.
He also said the outstanding police services allowances dating back to 2010 were also being looked into.
“I seek the cooperation of (trade) unions to support our endeavours and seek a compromise for the common good to expedite the outstanding payment,” he said.


  • Church Health workers and Teachers must be accommodated on this 3% pay rise and back dated as indicated by the Minister Elias Kapavore. Health workers and teachers in all church runned institution have all participate in equally in the public service delivery.

  • I really appreciate and say thankyou so much for the 3 per cent and God will bless you all.
    One question: what about this year , will there be any 3per cent gain in 2020?

  • Thanks Marape government for your great efforts of the pending 3% .I really appreciate it.And also those who have initiated to be successful this pay..

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