Public servants question status

National, Normal

THE Public Employees Association (PEA) wants to know whether ousted Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet is eligible to perform duties as governor.
PEA Momase executive member John Bivi raised this concern last week saying that his office had been inundated with calls from Madang public servants on the issue.
“Most of the issues raised through the association concern the duties, functions and directorship of Sir Arnold,” Mr Bivi said.
He said there were claims that Sir Arnold had been having frequent meetings with Madang provincial administration officers, directing rank-and-file to report to him directly without protocol and processes of the administrative structures, continuously using bullying tactics to suppress officers, and expressing his disappointments and anger at officers and even the provincial administrator in front of senior officers and other provincial leaders.
They claimed that Sir Arnold issued financial directives to make budget changes and issued directives to the use of provincial government assets without following set procedures.
“With all this concerns, they wanted to know the legal questions surrounding the appeal that has allowed Sir Amet to be in the governor’s office.
“This includes questions on what powers  Sir Arnold has after the National Court decision; does he have that right to interfere with the work of public servants? The decisions he make as governor and various appointed or nominated representative that he has made,” Mr Bivi said.
“Do they have legal standing and the legal status of the office of the governor in the province and his direct involvement in the work of other line State departments working in the province by making public criticisms against them?”
He said there was a need for a proper legal interpretation to be issued to the Madang provincial administration and public servants quickly.