Public servants told not to chew betel nuts at work


PRIME Minister James Marape has called on public servants not to chew betel nuts at their work place.
Marape, who toured the National House Corporation (NHC) on Monday, expressed disappointment at seeing public servants in offices with mouthful of betel nuts.
“Simple things first please public servants right throughout the country, yu lusim buai lo haus blo yu sapos yu laik helpim me senisim country (leave your betel nuts at home if you want to help us change this nation),” he told them.
“Your attitude will not help us change this country. Leave buai at home, buai is meant for traditional occasions at home not in public places and utilities.
“Whoever wants to be the managing director for NHC, first things first, no buai in this organisation.
“This organisation must be a buai-free work place.”
Housing and Urbanisation Minister Justin Tkatchenko recently described the NHC office as an “absolute disgrace”. Tkatchenko, who had a walkthrough the office, said a huge cleanup was needed in all divisions and areas of NHC.
He expressed disappointment finding betel nut stains on the walls of the NHC hallways and offices.
Tkatchenko also found files and documents scattered throughout the office.
Despite his dissatisfaction with the state of NHC, Tkatchenko said he was determined to make a difference.
“I’m privileged to be appointed Minister for National Housing and Urbanisation and to make the change and difference under the guidance of our prime minister and our government,” he said.
“We have a lot of work to do here.
“For the prime minister to be here for the first time in the NHC, not only created history but he has also given us his advice, ideas and dreams to our senior management staff for them to take it in to learn, assess to calculate to ensure that we have a better NHC now and in the future.”

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