Public service delivery to be improved

National, Normal

THE public service delivery system nationwide is expected to improve with the National Executive Council’s approval and implementation of a determination on functions assignment this month.
The determination is a document clarifying the level of government responsible for the delivery.
It is to be gazetted and signed by the Governor-General.
Provincial and Local Level Government Department secretary Manasupe Zurenouoc advised all provincial and district administrators and LLG presidents in a letter of the importance of the determination and the need for them to understand.
“They need to understand to be able to integrate with government systems and processes.
“For the first time there is a legislative document in place that clarifies the confusion surrounding functions and responsibilities of different levels of government.
“It will help all levels of government identify and address gaps and duplications in the current public service delivery system,” Mr Zurenouoc said.
The head of the sub-committee tasked to implement the Determination, Nao Badu, said: “We will launch the promotion and creation of awareness via the media, and engage with stakeholders.
“We will also institutionalise the determination into government systems and employ an effective monitor and evaluation of the project.”
The determination is an initial project of the national economic and fiscal commission developed for the reform of intergovernmental financing arrangements (RIGFA) as functions and responsibilities assigned to provincial and local level governments under the determination.
They are used to calculate how the total public service delivery grants are allocated.