Public solicitor sets up office in Wewak

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The National, Tuesday 15th November 2011

THE Public Solicitor’s office in Wewak has upgraded its status from legal aid desk and is the 10th branch in the country.
As from last Friday, it would  provide legal service to its grassroots clients.
The Public Solicitor’s Office in Papua New Guinea was established in 1958 in the then Department of Law and is independent from any direction or control from any person or authority.
Public Solicitor Frazer Pitpit said law and order was a prere­quisite to development and pro­gress for the province and asked the people to change their mindset and work in partnership with them.
He appealed to the East Sepik administration to support the work of the public solicitor’s office in the province as it was important to contain any problem before it escalates.
Wewak Town mayor Peter Saun said the office was one of the biggest needs of the people as it “will benefit everyone, those without money can now access legal services without paying for it”.
He said there was a need for a resident judge because there were many cases pending in the province.
Governor Peter Wararu, on behalf of the East Sepik administration, presented a Toyota 10-seater vehicle for lawyers to use and made commitments to support the law and justice sector.