Public to pay less for water, sewerage

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The National, Friday November 6th, 2015

 CONSUMERS will pay less for water and sewerage services following a notice from the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission to Water PNG and Eda Ranu.

Commissioner and chief executive officer Paulus Ain  said  the  new  prices  were  set  after  a  review  of  the  existing  regulatory arrangement the commission has with the two water  companies.  

Water PNG will charge K0.30 per kilo-litre of water supply per month for up to 20 kilo-litres. Above 20 kilo-litres, Water PNG can charge prices along any category so long as the average price does not exceed K.32 per kilo-litre.

For sewerage, up to 20 kilo-litres will cost K0.30 per kilolitre. Above that, Water PNG can charge K2.23 per kilolitre and not more.

Eda Ranu will charge K0.30 per kilolitre of water for up to 35 kilo-litres of water in a month. It can charge any price along any category so long as it does not exceed K3.43 per kilo-litre.

For sewerage, Eda Ranu will charge K0.10 per kilo-litre for up to 35 kilo-litres in a month. The maximum average price should not exceed K1.11 per kilolitre.

Ain said the new tariffs came into effect on October 1 and customers should now be paying according to the new rates.

He said  the  main reason for the decrease in prices was that  the  commission had changed the  form  of price regulation from the Maximum Allowable Revenue (MAR)to the Maximum Average Price  (MAP) method.