Public told to report shady roadblocks

The National, Tuesday July 12th, 2016

Central-National Capital District police commander Sylvester Kalaut is calling on motorists and people to report policemen setting up roadblocks to collect money.
“Policemen are not supposed to set up roadblocks to collect money from motorists,” Kalaut told The National yesterday.
A roadblock by policemen collecting money was seen at Laloki last Friday.
“That’s the very reason we disbanded the highway patrol for Central,” Kalaut said.
The disbandment of the patrol last month was ordered by the police commissioner because there were allegations of police assaulting passengers, drivers and betel-nut traders for money at roadblocks in Central.
“All that happened due to lack of command and control,” Kalaut said.
He said most of the policemen were good and only a few “bad apples” tended to let the force down.
Kalaut condemned their actions and urged the public to report any shady roadblocks to him or the provincial police commander.
“They are not allowed to collect money from motorists by setting up roadblocks,” he said.
“PMV drivers should report them (shady roadblocks) if they encounter such incidents. I believe many of them (motorists) know some of their faces.”