Public transport in city needs change


SOME serious changes have to be done to the public transportation in Port Moresby.
Are our leaders even listening to our pleas?
I bet it does not bother them because they use our tax to hire private cars and have not once in the last two years got on a PMV bus and see the everyday troubles we have with those operating the buses.
You have people smoking cigarettes in the bus, yes even the driver, crew and some passengers.
When you kindly ask them to put it out because of the other passenger, especially the young kids, what do you think happens?
They use foul language and threaten you.
For years our people have been asking for a better, safer and more economic mode of transportation in the city, but as usual, it has fallen on deaf ears.
If you want to change the nation, do it from the most basic level, make the people happy and feel safe, only then will you start seeing a change in this country.
Stop rushing to change big things, provide a safer mode of transportation in the city for our children, sisters, mothers, sons and fathers.
Only then we will know our government is finally waking up and listening.
All this talk trying to show the world how far we have come and yet we can’t change and structure a proper transportation mode for our country.
How pathetic is that?
You have to get on the different bus routes in the city and see how your people travel every day.


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