Public transport still not working

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The National,Tuesday 08th November 2011

PUBLIC transport in Lae has not been fully restored.
Many people had to walk to work yesterday morning.
Some employees were picked up in their company vehicles or by friends while many had to leave home early to make the long walk to work.
Many members of the public, caught unawares, ran out of food during the weekend and could not go to town as the situation was tense.
sOME people walked more than 5km to shops in Chinatown and the main market area to buy rice and canned food.
After fights broke out in various parts of Lae city last Thursday, public motor vehicles stopped their services in and out of Lae.
Many became victims of vented anger after fights broke out onto the street in sections of the city.
The fights began when opportunists tried to take advantage of a burning shop near the Lae market.
About half an hour later, another fight started at Top Town after Morobean youths tried to petition Governor Luther Wenge at the provincial assembly and Morobe administration headquarters in town over law and order issues.
With police personnel from Port Moresby beefing up security numbers over the weekend, PMV users had to walk or catch lifts to town.
No one waited at the bus stops because there was no PMV operating.
many people who came into town had to leave early to either find transport or walk all the way home.
Many employers allowed staff to leave work early to go home.
Meanwhile, the Australian government had advised its citizens “to exercise a high degree of caution in Papua New Guinea because of high levels of serious crime”.
A travel alert advised
Australians to “pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media for information about possible new safety or security risks”.