Public urged to help capture escapees


CORRECTIONAL Services Commissioner Stephen Pokanis is appealing to the public to assist police and prison officers in recapturing escapees.
He said it was not only the 16 who escaped from Buimo Prison in Lae last Sunday but also those who had escaped earlier.
“It is not only the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. If we want peace in our community, everyone should come on board,” he said.
“It is our responsibility as citizens – not just law and justice agencies but everyone – to counsel people on the run and bring them back.”
Pokanis said a prison should not be a place where people were killed but where wrong-doers were rehabilitated and returned to society.
Buimo has 85 wardens.
“These 85 cannot leave the prisoners to go and look for the escapees. They can only stay in prison and look after those who are in prison,” he said.
“It is the responsibility of every citizen in Morobe, whether in Lae or in the villages, to help them (wardens).”
Pokanis called on those on the run to surrender to law enforcement officers.
“From experience, we know that anyone who is on the run will always be on the run no matter where they are or where they go,” he said.