Public urged to report unruly cops


PEOPLE who see police officers misbehaving in public or acting in a violent manner should take pictures and take them to the Internal Affairs Directorate, a senior officer says.
Acting Asst Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jr, the Central and National Capital District commander, said they could also post them to the police Facebook page.
He said it would be dealt with quicker if the matter was reported directly to the directorate.
The most recent example was of the individual who took pictures of police officers beating up someone which went viral on social media.
The officers have been suspended while awaiting their court cases.
“We have the internal affairs here at Koki and the public can come and report such incidents.
“We need to do a little bit of publicity on how and where people can report such incidents to.
“Many go online because they do not know where to report to.
“We have a very competent director with officers who deal very swiftly with complaints.”
He warned police officers to mind their behaviour and actions in public.

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