Public warned not to destroy parks

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PUBLIC in Lae are warned not to destroy parks or walk over flower gardens that are meant for beautifying the city.
Independence Park youth group under the landscaping and beautification programme has been in the forefront of beautifying parts of the city and has urged the public to respect its work.
Chairman of the youth group John Simon did not specify what penalties there were for those destroying parks and gardens but said youths would not hesitate to enforce fines.
“More than 30 youths have over the years worked to beautify the city and time and again people do not pay respect,” he said.
“Despite being overlooked by the authorities on the efforts we put in, the youths still continue with their work and hope one day our struggle for the landscaping and beautification of the city will be noticed,” Simon said.
He said the youths needed equipment such as rakes, knives, bush knives, brush cutters and wheelbarrows to effectively carry out their duties. Vice-chairman Bob Kenny said the youths used their private tools to implement the programme.
“At the moment we are based at Top Town Catholic church from Coronation Drive towards the Independence Park and will expand our services to other parts within the city limits if there is support.”
Kenny said the youths started doing the landscaping and beautification exercises since 2009 and until now there had been no acknowledgement from government or business houses.
“We now want to work closely with Lae MP John Rosso and Governor Ginson Saonu to fulfil the initiative taken. This is one way youths are getting themselves busy and getting them off from doing petty crimes and other unlawful activites,” Kenny said.

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