Public welcome possibility of more women in Parliament

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THE public has welcomed the possibility of having 22 women appointed to Parliament by law.
 The move will enhance women’s participation in decision-making and nation-building.
A businesswoman, who requested anonymity, said the passing of the proposed law would be a major milestone for PNG politics.
 “It is a really rewarding agenda being brought up by the Government.
“For far too long women had no standing in most of the decision making our country because we have all the men think they are all-powerful.
“As a businesswoman and mother, I personally can make some of best decisions for my family,’’ she said
If women could play an important role in the home, they should have a more powerful and meaningful role in nation-building, she said.
Political scientist Dr Alphonse Gelu said more women in Parliament would elevate PNG to another level of democratisation.
Dr Gelu said the Government must be commended for initiating this process since taking office in 2002.
“Once this Bill goes through, it will greatly reflect the high level of political stability that PNG has enjoyed since 2002,” he said.
Dr Gelu said if it was the period prior to the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPC), this will be another proposal that will be swept under the carpet due to instability both in the executive Government and the legislature.
However, he said the Government had the courage and vision to undertake this process after so many calls have been made by women leaders and groups over the years.
“When talking to some of the women leaders, you could clearly see the passion and drive that compels these women to fight for their place in Parliament,” he said.