Puma building service station on uni land


PUMA Energy has commenced construction of a K13.38 million service station on a piece of land owned by the University of PNG, opposite the Nature Park, in Port Moresby.
The investment is a public-private partnership project between the company and the university.
Puma Energy general manager and director Hulala Tokome told The National yesterday that they hoped to have it completed by end of the year.
“I can confirm that Puma Energy has commenced construction of a service station on this land which is due for completion in late 2020,” he said.
“We are now progressing to build this service station which will be a flagship site for us in Port Moresby.
The service station is a result of a commercial lease agreement that was signed between Puma Energy and UPNG in 2017.
“We have a long term lease with the university in leasing the land which the service station is being built on.
“Another great public-private partnership arrangement which Puma Energy is energising communities in delivering this project.”
When asked why it took more than two years to construct the service station, Tokome said: “We have had other priorities given the scarce forex situation, the country continues to face.
“We have been able to kick this project off this year and look forward to its completion before the end of the year.
“It will transform this area of the city given the modern features of the facility and its customer–friendly feature and openness.”