Pundari: Protect plants, animals

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 CITIZENS have been urged to protect the many unique plants, animals and insects in the country because they can attract tourists.

Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari told a “Equal Partners in Sustainable Development and Resource Management” seminar and exhibition at the Port Moresby National High School that citizens must do the right thing in the best interest of the nation.

“19,000 different species of plants in Papua New Guinea are not documented,” he said. 

“Likewise, thousands upon thousands of animals, insects on land, beneath the sea, rivers and lakes. Some of these are very rare and not found anywhere else in the world.

“Therefore we must take pride and ownership and protect them in a way where we can at the same time put money in our pockets, like tourism, re-afforestation etc. 

“This is all about sustainable development.”

Country manager of World Vision Dr Curt Von Boguslawski said NGOs around the world worked with the same vision to assist communities in aspects of development. 

“We are not doing anything in isolation. NGOs are here to roll out policies, implement and deliver services through viable and cost effective service delivery mechanism aligned with government policies,” Boguslawski said.

Five students who represented their schools in a quiz given by Pundari were given K250 each for giving correct answers.

K10,000 was given to the PNG Eco Forestry Forum for hosting the seminar and K5,000 to the Port Moresby National High School for the use of its facilities.