Pundari slams Ramu claims

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MINING Minister John Pundari has described as “total nonsense and rubbish” a website publication which alleged that he had secretly ordered an investigation into bank accounts of Madang villagers and their lawyers involved in the Ramu mine case.
The report, published on the website http://ramumine.wordpress.com, alleged that Pundari had ordered a highly secretive and unlawful investigation into private bank accounts to try and uncover how landowners were covering their legal bills.
Pundari said he was surprised and that the allegations made against him and the government were a total nonsense.
An angry Pundari said he had no idea of what they were saying.
He said the publication was defamatory.
“Why do people try to create stories?
“I do not even know anything about the allegations. This is completely nonsense and rubbish.
“I do not know what agendas they have to create such stories.
“Why can’t they also include their names and make it public so that everyone will know who is making these allegations?” he asked.