Pundari tells candidates to go to courts

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The National, Friday July 27th, 2012

RETURNING member for Kompiam-Ambum John Pundari has challenged losing candidates for the seat to take court action if they disputed his victory.
Pundari said this after Patrick Balone, one of the losing candidates alleged on Tuesday that the original writ was found in a vehicle signed with a candidate’s name on it.
“My name was written on the writ when I was declared in front of counting and security officials,” Pundari said.“I was leading by 8,000 votes. How could I collude with elections officials to have my name signed on the writ when I was leading,’’  he said. 
Pundari said he has been in parliament a number of times and this was not his type of leadership.
It was an orchestrated move aimed at discrediting him.
“This is criminal in nature. I have instructed police in the province to investigate,” he said.
Pundari denied buying new vehicles and giving them to election officials in the electorate.
“These claims are absurd,” he said.
He said electoral officials around the country are appointed by the Electoral Commission and not the MPs.
He added that each province also had a provincial election steering committee and they assist the commission on election matters.Pundari urged his rivals to stop making false allegations and help him develop the electorate.“If you think you have a dream that needs to be realised, my doors are open.”