Punish drug abusers

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The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


MARIJUANA is a major problem affecting the lives of many people and is the greatest threat to the community today, a local level government election candidate says.

John Was, who is contesting the Mt Giluwe LLG president’s seat in Western Highlands, said the Government must carry out greater awareness and punish people who smoked, planted and sold marijuana with tougher penalties.

Was was speaking on Friday at the funeral of Clinton Kara, 3, who was allegedly killed by a drug addict on June 12 at Gamaka village, Tomba, Western Highlands.

Kara had been at home with his seven-year-old brother when the young man took the boy to a nearby creek and cut off his head.

Kara’s brother tried in vain to stop the killer, who allegedly used a blunt knife to cut the toddler’s throat.

The killer then allegedly took Kara’s body and stood on the Highlands Highway leading to Enga, showing it to commuters.

He was caught the next day and handed to police.

Was said the man’s actions showed marijuana was a major threat to the community.

“Children at the age of 15 and below will become victims of what has happened to little Clinton Kara,” he said.

 “I’m calling on the Government to impose tougher and heavier penalties on people who are seen associating with marijuana.

“It is sad to see and hear of a poor little and helpless child being killed and eaten by a drug addict,” Was said.