Punish lecturers who prey on students


IT is disgusting and shameful to read of lecturers at the University of Papua New Guinea seeking sexual favours from their female students in exchange for a pass mark. How can people at the top echelon of the educated community use their position to prey on females, whether student or junior staff?
Such acts are serious and allow evil men to force our young daughters and university female staff to participate in their sick plans.
Sexual favours asked in return for better grade or promotion is a slap in the face for hardworking students and staff members who win the best grades or positions on merit.
The act of asking for sexual favours is a crime against the thousands of people associated with our universities and the millions of taxpayers in the country.
Lecturers who do this are cheats and should be publicly shamed and sacked for they do not deserve to be teaching our children anywhere.
Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Pila Niningi should follow through with an investigation so those involved can be identified. They are not fit to teach in the topmost institution in the country.
Niningi should extend the investigation to other universities in the country to see if this is pandemic.
There is talk that the same thing has happened or is happening at the University of Goroka.
The ministry should help the victims.
We have had enough and we are watching to see what happens.
Over to you Minister Niningi and DHERST.

PNG Patriot

One thought on “Punish lecturers who prey on students

  • What are disgusting news that so called elites are using disgusting favours to pass the weak students.. Seems like lecturers suspected or implicated are all at the wrong place- more like little undignified people playing Peggy touch like mad people in the elites Field. Thorough investigation is highly recommended to save the face of our prime university.

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