Punish traffic offenders


THIS is a plea to the National Capital District Commission and traffic police that Port Moresby should be seen as an example to other major towns and cities in the country when it comes to traffic rules. People are standing on open back utilities travelling around in the city.
Vehicle owners as well as offenders and should be charged.
This is not against traffic rules but those standing can be injured or killed if the car gets into an accident.
We are not in the outback of the city, this is right in the heart of Port Moresby and yet people are standing as well as sitting on the edges of moving vehicles.
Can the law be tough on these offenders?
Visitors from other centres should feel that the city has traffic rules that the residents follow.
Traffic rules should be implemented by law enforcements agencies.
Punish the offenders.
Standing and sitting on edges of moving vehicles take place in village settings where the roads are not conducive.

Punish Traffic Offenders,

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