Punish wrongdoers


GREAT rulers crush criminals.
A powerful king that will not tolerate wicked men is a beautiful thing.
Solomon and his father David were both wise and successful kings.
Here Solomon gave inspiration and tested political advice to kings and others in authority.
Wise rulers will fight and destroy wicked persons under their authority.
The origin and purpose of civil government are not mysteries.
Civil government has the right to capital punishment in enforcing its laws, and God sends these rulers as His ministers to execute revenge upon criminals that break the law.
Bringing the wheel over the wicked is to crush them.
Grain was crushed in King Solomon’s day by turning or rolling a heavy wheel over it.
This separated the wheat from the husk.
Wise governments will take heavy measures to crush wicked men who have set themselves against the state, the law and other citizens.
The wisdom here teaches that civil government should be strict and severe.
There can be no tolerance or compromise with criminals.
Compromise and delay cause an increase in crime by hardening the hearts of criminals.
You can see this in current issues of hung juries, appeals, delay tactics, further appeals and stays of execution.
Solomon provided wisdom for his son Rehoboam, the next king of Israel, and for rulers in general.
He described the positive virtue of great fear, their holy execution of judgment, and their balance of mercy and truth in protecting the innocent. Wise rulers seek quiet and peaceable lives for their productive citizens.
These people can only have such lives, if the wicked are scattered and crushed.
Leaders should take the justice part of their office seriously and do all they can to destroy criminals and crime. They should be free of sentimentality to aid, abet, respect, or pardon criminals.
There is not room for one wicked person, one criminal, in a just and good nation.
Those who resist civil government or speak evil or lightly of those in authority should be dealt with severely. God opened up the earth to swallow men and their families alive for merely speaking against Moses.
Street rebellion against police officers should be crushed by the military.
The New Testament says civil rebels should be destroyed like rabid dogs, for they do not understand the basic necessity or duties of authority. There is no such thing as freedom of speech against legitimate authority in God’s wisdom.
The ruling power should use its terrible sword against evil doers, whether it be government ministers, department heads, or a serial killer.
Let every man in a position of authority use strict and severe measures against the wicked in his realm of control.
This applies to employers, fathers, husbands and pastors, as well as kings and presidents, governors and sheriffs.
Righteousness, peace, and quiet in any society depend on strong leaders ridding it of fools and their rebellion.

Michael Tumbiago,
Port Moresby