Put children first: O’Neill

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FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has warned parents to vote for their children’s future rather than for their own stomach.
“Education is key to improving our livelihoods.
“Both leaders and parents have responsibilities.
“Parents must think about your children, not your stomach,” he said.
The leader of the People’s National Congress (PNC) party was in May River, East Sepik, yesterday to support Ambunti-Dreikikier MP Johnson Wapunai.
O’Neill reminded the people that they had responsibilities too, the same as national leaders.
He also said his party promoted people-focused policies.
Wapunai told the May River people that the district had saved millions of kina at the end of each financial year since 2017.
He said last year, he saved K50 million.
“This is the money we are using to implement projects.
“Many times, people tell you that all funds go back to Waigani at the year-end. Not true. I saved and used them on projects,” Wapunai said.

Ex-MP stands again to finish projects

FORMER Kokopo MP Ereman ToBaining says he is contesting the Kokopo Open seat again this year because he needs to complete some projects he had began in 2012.
The People’s National Congress party candidate said he would give priority to young people.
ToBaining was campaigning at the Mambur plantation settlement in Palavirua, Kokopo on Sunday.
He told the people that during his term as MP, he completed 716 projects with a total value of K42 million.
He had already submitted acquittals for K14 million.
He referred to claims that he had misused the funds as “lies spread by some to discredit me”.
He assured everyone that he had a “clean record” when he was the Kokopo MP.
ToBaining said the people of Mambur would enjoy clean drinking water, electricity, improved health and education services for their children if he wins again.