Put Senat in custody

Letters, Normal

RECENTLY, Nicholas Senat came out in public to ask for forgiveness from the many women he may have infected with HIV/AIDS over a five-year period.
He should know that forgiving is human but it is very hard to forget.
People have the right to respond with anger, hold grudges and seek revenge.
Did he expect the women to accept the fact they could have been infected and move on without harbouring any grudges?
So what is he implying?
Is he trying to seek revenge by creating panic in the society?
Now that he is becoming a menace to the Lae public, what is deterring the authorities from taking fast, effective action against him?
He could have been prosecuted for a number of criminal offences, including public nuisance, negligence, sexual assault for not disclosing his status, attempted murder, misdemeanor, felony, aggravated assault for whether he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly transmitting HIV/AIDS to women.
He should be imprisoned if convicted of infecting others with the deadly virus.
Detention and forced isolation is also another punitive measure not because of his HIV status but of his threatening behaviour which puts him in a high risk situation.
Isolation need not necessary mean inside an institution but on a remote island.
Every person has the right to equal protection of the law and access to public and private facilities and benefits, a right to liberty, autonomy, security and freedom of movement.
In considering Senat’s reckless behaviour, the people in Lae have been deprived of their right to protect themselves from a known HIV positive person.
The authorities should immediately step in to enforce the law.


Binglism Gewes
Via email