Put up more signs

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 I AM happy to see the Morobe provincial government taking the lead in upholding laws controlling the consumption of betel nuts and smoking in the area of provincial HQ. 

I urge all public servants and the general public to adhere to this rule. 

We, the public servants are professional people and we have to be the example to those whom we serve. 

I also urge the provincial administration to inform all public servants who serve in rural areas to adhere to the rule as they come to Lae and to the provincial HQ. 

I am saying this because one of my fellow teacher was caught smoking and was fined K50. He was not aware of the law. 

I support this law, but suggest that the provincial government puts up more “no chewing” and “no smoking” signs to inform the public about the rules. 


Kebael Taraing, Via email