Putting up roadblocks illegal: Minister

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Works and Implementation Minister  Michael Nali, pictured, says that it is illegal to erect  roadblocks along national roads.
A National Court order yesterday to stop Kainantu landowners from putting up roadblocks on the Highlands Highways had wider implications, he said.
“The order is in line with the Transport Infrastructure Act 2010,” Nali said.  He said that the court had ruled that national highways were public assets serving greater public interest.
“The government’s position is very clear on unreasonable compensation demands by opportunists living along the national highway corridors that it will not entertain any compensation claims by people and business houses alongside major roads,” Nali said.
He said that his department was already acquiring and paying genuine customary land and property owners affected on all road projects around the country through an establish process.
“We will not entertain any self-valued and assessed claims. This is an illegal practice and must stop. No individuals or tribe living along the highway should take their grievance to the national highways. There is an established process to follow in pursuing grievance and claims affecting the greater public.”
Nali said that the court order was issued after landowners set up a roadblock at Bane which police cleared on Tuesday.

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