PX, resort renews loyalty partnership programme


AIR Niugini continues to work with the hotel industry to promote domestic tourism through its destinations loyalty programme, says general manager commercial services Dominic Kaumu.
He said this after the Walindi Plantation Resort in West New Britain renewed its partnership under the programme for two years.
Kaumu said Walindi had been a partner since 2018.
It is one of 12 corporate partners under the destinations programme where loyalty members can burn or earn points when they use certain products and services.
“We want to provide Air Niugini customers an exciting way to earn points while enjoying your stay at our beautiful domestic destinations,” he said.
“There is so much to explore – from diving to snorkelling, fishing, experience for yourselves the abundant marine life, coral reefs or just watching the beautiful sunset.
“We encourage Papua New Guineans and expatriates living and working here to take trips to see for themselves and enjoy the beauty of this country and the various tourism products on offer.
“You also get to experience Papua New Guinea’s unique and diverse culture including traditional dances and local dishes.
“This country is blessed with iconic landscapes, scenic beaches, various species of flora and fauna, you can do bird watching, mountain climbing and more activities depending on what part of the country you are at and the tourism products being offered.”