PX to assist WHP charity

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The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AIR Niugini will fly wheel chairs to any destination in the country for the Mt Hagen-based charity that distributes free wheelchairs to disabled people.
The Foundation for Rural Development (FORD) has distributed 100 free wheelchairs in the five highlands provinces, Rabaul, Popondetta and Lae.
Last Sunday, Timothy Kindal, 49, of Taimel village, outside Minj, was surprised to receive a wheelchair as an Easter present from FORD director Andreas Pu’u.
Kindal, an amputee, was lost for words when lying in bed and received a surprise phone call telling him his wheelchair was on its way.
He said he immediately asked his helpers to wait by the road side.
Kindal problems started when he was employed as a security supervisor at Lamana Hotel, in Port Moresby, for nine years, where he had the privilege to free beverages and foods.
In 2006, he was diagnosed with diabetics and lost two left toes and his right leg became paralysed.
He was admitted at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital early this month where his right lower leg was amputated.
He was discharged on a Tuesday but was reluctant to move around on one leg.
The hospital management asked him to leave the following Thursday.
But hospital chaplain Taime Dirye and Sr in-charge, Merlyn Kindal visited FORD Inc and filled an application for a free wheelchair for Kindal.
Younger brother, Kip Kindal said Timothy desperately needed a wheelchair.
Pu’u thanked the Air Niugini management for agreeing to fly wheelchairs for free to people who needed them around PNG.
He said any disabled person wanting a wheelchair should contact 542 3524 or mobile 728 37104/761 14958 or 7130 7725.