Qualified lecturers needed to train teachers


TEACHING Services Commission chairman Baran Sori says lecturers in teachers’ colleges must be highly qualified because some of their students are degree holders.
“Lecturers and tutors at teachers colleges must be Masters and Phd degree holders – not just degree holders – because some of the (trainee) teachers are degree holders. The lecturers must have a higher level of content knowledge to teach in colleges,” he said.
Sori was responding to claims that the quality of teaching in the country was on the decline.
Sori said there were many contributing factors and a proper analysis should be done to identify the problems and fix them.
“We cannot just generalise and make sweeping statements that undermine the efforts of our 56,000 teachers who are out there trying to educate our children,” he said.
“Many of our teachers are in the rural areas and do not have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge for professional development. It does contribute to that too.
“They lack the resources as well information. Most only have access to papers as their medium for communication and information.”
Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said various reforms taking place in the education system were aimed at meeting the needs and demand of the country.
He said education was also to provide equal opportunities to every child to achieve high academic standards.
“This will require students to be adequately equipped with essential knowledge and skills, values and attitudes.”
Kombra said a person with a good education background would become a good citizen.

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