Quantisation in industry


WE continue our discussion on the acronym Dessicates (Digitalised Economic Structures Synchronising Institutions Capacity Advancing Top Earning Space) this week.
The acronym speaks of the foundation for the prosperity of PNG. All aspirations and dreams of taking this nation to the ascending levels does not ensue without the outlined above step.
The aggregate representation of technological capacity can be looked at in broader terms in defining aggregate capacity, capacity building, defining technological capacity, how technology affects productivity and how technology has affected our lives in a good way.
A computer programming of an asynchronous monitoring is required of solid-state electronics using semi-conductor technology devices to account for PNG’s capacity. It is very effective in that it flows with time at the universal speed limit. In PNG we have a huge elite population since independence that is to be affixed to a hardware control. Further-more to say on the distributed system in ambient computing software system is also much anticipated. That is simply because the data type is discrete that should be a medium in itself that is cost effective than somewhat the current approach of a day to day management.
When you gather information and acquire skills, whether it be of developing a computer application for a task that is technical, use of a computer program that is managerial or using an extranet that can be institutional, these are vital variables for production. The enterprises come about to utilize equipment and technology variable premise to efficiently effect production. This amounts to the capabilities of technological development.

Technology and productivity
Use of terminal devices in current technology age and interests with passion sparked therein can and is making workers being more productive than ever before. Simply because of the efficiency harnessed in time and space while most work prior to this has been lagging behind time and space. The use of computing devices on work, both in manufacturing and in information transmission and reception, has exponentially increased the rate of production. In summation it can be seen that the business occurs in a very small span of time. The workers are exceedingly become more capable than ever before all because of the aid in the use of the computing devices.
The remote line of sight transmission and reception of data for processing technology in photography for taking pictures as in space, is a break-through in human history. It accounts for man’s innovative and creative ideas that takes leaps from formation to exceedingly and unprecedented higher levels ever known to man. That is all done with the use of technology where all detailed pictures form other planetary bodies are revealed in detail to scientists and people on planet earth all with pixels and resolutions in computer line graphics which has with mathematical functions for mobilizing pixels to produce higher or lower magnifications.

Positive technology changes
The mistaken belief one may have are that the ideologies in productivity is a controlled variable as in a scientific experiment which is not. The vital trait that comes into play is technology. It (technology) has become the substrate that one could manipulate workable variables on and in so doing will change the meaning of productivity. Therefore, a computer simulation in mathematically modelling these variables in our quest to derive products to progress towards the central region will improve our national economic status. Only this will enable PNG to achieve her top earning space when we selectively engage in the dependant variables that will continue to work better.
The above is a demonstration of identifying sets of characters from nodes in a data set to be calibrated in a tuning machine through shift registers and registers into windows and out for display. Especially with transistor latches as elements which takes account for speed and accuracy likened to the speed of lightning and its reputable precision in this opportune time to exploit is this chance provided by technology to ameliorate our economic status.
Our chances of doing much better in less time like our earnings, health, communication and many more whereby so much can be achieved with automation. For instance, to travel from Kundiawa to Port Moresby on foot will take close to a month while taking an Air Niugini flight for the same journey will take less than an hour.
The usual supply chain of industry of firms, consumers and suppliers in this world of technology increases production. This spells out a way out for us as an innovation which holds the key to a diminishing supply of materials for production to increase production. It is thus a real bonus for industrialists and economists with environmentalists who see the future with a pessimistic envision.
In recapping last week’s lecture, let me highlight this as a point of interest whilst in this discussion. There are some countries like the United States of America that seem to operate on a motto that “If you know anything that it not known, you teach and you will be paid big money.” This motto seems to drive USA and all the rest of the advanced countries forward.

The judiciary an oasis
In PNG the opposite happens; if you have some bright ideas and talents of potential benefit to this country, then you become the target to be oppressed. But thanks to the judicial system through the National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea we still have hope. I find our judiciary the only place that is working efficiently. It is like an oasis in the midst of corruption likened to a dessert biome where there should be no sign of life when all our good moral and rational thoughts are blighted with greed, pride and repression. I believe that with the judiciary you breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day when our very talented justices hand down decisions based on prudent reasoning.
The PNG judicial system is a great example of modern innovation that restores citizens’ lost pride and guards against deprivation and repression.
Also in reiterating points in previous lectures for today’s clarification, the awareness and discovery of the eminent potential that lies herein, it prepares a structure of the basis likened to cloud technology in computing. This happens when you have the relevant operating system for a virtual machine that establishes the working environment all in space maintained by everyone in a network and pervasive computing providing security and ownership to every individual share or own to oneself a resource like a computer memory or a transceiver with message reception and transmission in communication.
These open up the opportunity and lay the foundation for every aspiring individual in this nation to seriously think about it to exploit and progress or never.

Next week we will cover Growth enhancing technological changes.

  •  The author is a lecturer in avionics, auto-piloting and aircraft engineering.