Query on affiliates to football Federation


FIRSTLY, congratulations to the Football Federation PNG (FFPNG) for a successful Central Hekari Tournament.
Such tournaments will expose our local talent.
This was the principal basis for the setting up of FFPNG.
What provoked me to write to this is the affiliates to FFPNG.
Since I reside in the Vanapa-Brown area of Central, I would like to bring certain issues to the attention of FFPNG as the governing body.
Laloki -TransVanapa Football Association is located in Hiri LLG Ward 14 and is said to be affiliated to FFPNG.
This association does not have a constitution in place to guide the management and establish a set process to run the association.
Decisions are made by anybody from the self-appointed president with his office bearers to the match referee.
There are no financial reports or meetings, etc.
The association is in total chaos.
We had an incident where players fought in the field of play and almost killed themselves.
Since there is no constitution in place, the matter was never solved properly.
The matter ended up in the village court and some perpetrators even spent a night at Gordon police cell.
Up till now, the issue is still causing friction among the community.
All I want is for the governing body FFPNG to ensure that its affiliates are properly running their associations.
Can the FFPNG do something about this association?
Over to you John Kapi-Natto and FFPNG officials.

Football observer