Query over missing phone credits


IT is irking to realise that mobile phone credits are missing from your phone.
Since I started owning an Alcatel Pixi 3.5, I wasn’t able to save or keep mobile phone credits for emergency purposes during the validity period.
This is because they were involuntarily chewed up which often resulted in me being caught short of credits.
I have been under constant pressure to always use my credits as soon as possible after every individual top-up.
This is because any credits above K1 were consistently chewed up.
I always wonder why I am not able to save my hard-earned phone credits just like I do for my money income.
It is broad daylight robbery.
The National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA), as the regulatory authority, should come down hard on this in conjunction with other line agencies.
I believe this will keep in check the accused internet service provider (ISP).
It allows it to adapt options that will help customers save phone credits for emergency purposes.
This is the technological era.
There shouldn’t be any excuses whatsoever for customers to continue having such bad experiences.

Dissatisfied customer