Query over mv Rainforest boats


CAN government authorities including Morobe Governor’s Office, Prime Minister and Transport explain to the people of Morobe as to why the two mv Rainforest boats are not providing services to the people of Morobe?
These boats operated successfully under Bau Transport, a local company, but the management contract was taken away after the establishment of Morobe Coastal Shipping Services Ltd.
The boats have been moored at the MCSS Wharf at Voco Point since last year and are rotting away.
We read from The National about Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour saying the boats cost over K20 million to purchase.
This is the public money coming from tax payers and must be used wisely.
We need to ask lots of questions as to why these boats are not servicing the people of Morobe.
Why is MCSSL are not running the boats?
Why is government not supporting the operations of the boats after spending so much money buying thesm?
Are MCSSL and district development authorities not competent enough to manage such projects?
We would appreciate if government authorities investigate and answer the above questions for the interest of the general public of Morobe and tax payers.

Tony Bunsil
Siassi Island

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