Query with Nambawan Super still unanswered


I LODGED my benefit Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL) withdrawal application on May 17.
Everything was good, at least according to the officer at the Waigani branch, upon lodgment.
Three weeks later, I did a follow up on the counter.
I was asked to provide a pastor’s (referee) identification card.
That was the only requirement that I had to meet.
NSL again queried my application internally for the delay of the exit statement for the first payment my late father had received.
It has taken two months to retrieve the exit statement.
I am waiting for my final feedback from its claims committee.
Every day, I would call NSL toll free 1599 and still get the same feedback that my application is still pending review with the claims committee. In case my withdrawal application has been overlooked, I write to remind you publicly.

Frustrated Claimant,
NSL# 286941