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BOTH Prime Minister James Marape and Opposition Leader Belden Namah are maintaining that they have the numbers to secure the majority in the 110-seat Parliament when it sits on Monday.
Marape said: “Yes, our number (55) is solid. We are going into parliament as directed by (the Supreme) Court.”
Namah said: “Parliament has already demonstrated (during the Nov 13 sitting) through the numbers on the floor that Marape no longer has the support of the majority of MPs.”
The Supreme Court had ruled on Wednesday that the sitting of Parliament on Nov 17, which passed the 2021 National Budget and a motion to adjourn to April next year, was unconstitutional. It ordered that it sits on Monday.
Marape challenged Namah to bring all his MPs to Parliament on Monday so that they will see who has the majority. But he refused to resign as Namah wanted.
“I will not resign as prime minister,” Marape said.
“If the Opposition wants the PM’s position, they will have to get it in Parliament through the legitimate process of a motion of no confidence.”
Marape maintains he has 55 MPs including Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta who is unlikely to attend Parliament as he is away overseas.
According to information from his office, Sir Mekere, who is in Australia, wanted to attend Parliament but his doctors had advised him against travelling.
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop who is on the Government list said he would decide which side to join when the House sits on Monday.
The list includes Speaker Job Pomat.
When asked about the proposed debate with Namah, Marape said he was ready but the other camp had not taken up the challenge.
“My condition for national debate is to be with the alternative PM (in the Opposition camp). They did not take up the challenge and did not name the alternative PM.
“I was ready and I am ready,” Marape said.


  • Marape sapos u igat gutpla tingting, yu ba isi lusim disla sit na stap lo side pastem. Taim bikpla court blo yumi painim out ol rong yu mekim, disla em sem pasin. Plis respect dignity blo yu na long gutpla pasin, resign.
    Please do not try to justify your actions with your so called sweet talks.
    Members of the parliament will walk out of you on the 14th and join the opposition to form the new government. They did it once and they will do it again. This time it will hurt so bad. You will be disgraced for the rest of your political career.

    • Nux yu mas faul yah!. The courts have ordered parliament to sit on 14th Dec NOT PMJM to resign. Namim alternate PM na lukim. Ol namba bai go where? PMJM has done the best in just 18 months. ON and his cohorts have done more damage to this nation in 8 years by inflated spendings on his business associates.

      • Marape and his supporter are mentions God’s name to often! Aren’t the people in opposition image of God as well? Gupla man or man nogud, Bigpla laikim umi olgeta. May the best team in our politics win or form government.

  • I may not agree with some of PMJM decisions but I don’t think he and this government has done anything that is enough to call for him to resign. I would prefer PMJM then Namah or O’Neil or others.

    • We do not want the thief to run this country .The MPS in the Opposition ,they are all more than are thieves.
      WE want honest leader to run this Nation .

  • The same people who ran the country for the last 20 years are all bulked up in the opposition, PMJM has just run the country for 18 months, most of what went wrong have orchestrated by the culprits on the opp. Just think about the falsely inflated APEC contracts that were awarded to their businesses, the Pacific game contracts, the NID project that doesn’t have any single benefit to citizens, the K5 Mill generators and other inflated contracts that they were part of in the background. PMJM has done well in the resource sector for the greater good for the future generations. Really champ..

    • Rex Tati, Marape is one of the “same people who ran the country for the last 20 years” and his elites are in the opposition. He just the PM for 18 months, but remember no one is righteous SO let the best team of our politics win or form the government today.

  • Mr Nux, for your information, parliament is a place where government is formed and prime minister is appointed, not at the court house. Court ordered a recall of parliament and in that siting opposition can move VONC if they think they have the numbers. To tell an incumbent to resign only shows how week he/she is.

    • Nux is correct. What are you trying to prove..
      The truth prevail at end–Goat skin an d lion coats will be removed soon

  • Marape is worse than PO because is talking too much, using GOD’s name to win over emotional people.
    He was finance minister to PO.
    He benefitted from PO alleged corruption because he did not speak up.
    In desperation he probably influenced the speaker to recall the parliament.
    The court decision has backfired on him.
    He needs to resign immediately.

    • Paul you are on point.
      Will see what happen in Parliament if the PM still as the number or ol MPs but crossim either side lo floor blo Parliament. May our best political team win or form government.

  • Prime Minister is a position of jealousy and admiration b/c satan once thought of the Throne of God but faulted miserably. Isaiah 14:12 – 15.
    If both sides fight with 55 each then I suggest Speaker Job Pomat to use his wisdom to adjourned Parliament to further date .
    I am praying.

  • There will be 100% VONC to held on 14/12/2020. And it seems alternative government likely to form, as we see that government have no solid cabinet ministers. All ministries are in acting bases and doubled over.

  • Yupla toktok tumas .
    weitim 2022 elections na rausim ol olpela na putim ol niupela memba na yumi lukim. olpela apol bai bagarapim narapela oli stap klostu. rausim olgeta olpela na votim niupela .
    tintin tasol. Ol lain oli againstim PMJM ,oli had lo mekim wanem samtin PMJM i mekim stap lo future na gutpela bilong tumbuna bilong olgeta Papua Niu Gini sitisen long bihain taim.
    so tintin gut na totok . common sense mas stap.
    Suffer today and enjoy tomorrow.
    take back PNG PMJM. mipla stap wantaim you.
    but otherwise yu gat rait lo totok because yumi stap lo demokretik kantri, Papua new Guinea.

  • All you above who you are making comments….think wisely before you make comment. All people around this planet earth no one is prefect. We are all living to learn how to live better life. do not judged any one. Let them do and Our God who is power of all thing he himself will make the right choice for us. God Bless PNG.

  • Will see on Monday. Just a numbers game, as our crooked mis-leaders keep telling us while they take advantage of the situation to gain from both sides!

  • Will see on Monday. Just a numbers game, as our crooked mis-leaders keep telling us while they take advantage of the situation to gain from both sides!

  • I for one as patriotic citizen of this country wants stability and good governance who could reap maximum benefit for our citizens like never before and Our humble prime minister Honourable James Marape has proven his leadership qualities and has sold out his policies which is ringing from coast to coast and from the Islands to the Highlands. He peoples choice. I tell you we the people will vote for his candidates in number in 2022 and beyond.

  • The high court found out that under James Marapes leadership, the country’s parliament sitting been hijacked and manipulated under Christian principals which many citizens are already brainwashed.He could be categorized under Black Jesus Team..Originated from Madang so BK also be involved.Such leaders should not be tolerated.they should be kicked out of the high office..
    Some of these key board warriors know very well who is James Marape but they dont want to expose..Otherwise give credit to where it dues..

  • PMJM, please remember that the devil never sleeps. It fights very hard all the time.
    Continue to stand and fight strong. You (PMJM) are the legitimate Prime Minister this country ever needed the most. However it is, please stay strong and God will decide.
    Have faith.!
    Full support PMJM – true leader of the people of PNG.

    • Robin, didnt you know that JM himself is the devil? Who would hijacked the parliamentary proceedings and go on and passed the national budget without the debates from the opposition? That is not the act of Democracy, that’s just pure evil! Wake up buddy.

  • Folks you yet to understand that there is no vacancy in the PMs position. The court order is to complete the Parliament that was in session and interrupted and unconstitutional adjournment of Parliament as found by the court. This session ordered by the court will be presided over by the government whose PM is PMJM. STOP Using shallow and naive calls for PM resignation and it is utterly stupid and uncalled for. PMJM is absolutely correct, those who are vying for PM position and supporters can bring to the floor of Parliament and follow the rules to change PMJM. The VONC can follow the normal process usually dictated by government and can take a minimum of 7 to 14 days. The game is not over yet.

  • Good government starts from the family, citizens go back to your family circle and manage it (tingim family and make a positive difference to your community),..let the Politicians play Politics..
    Gat It…

  • The opposition side is comprised of bunch of traitors and cowboys who are on a single agenda and that is to rig the 2022 elections. We had enough of this with Peter O’Neill government and will not repeat the same come this election. We pray Marape will play the game well to continue as PM until end of the political term.

    • I am confused, we can’t change PNG over next 18 months – wounds don’t heal overnight. Every politician involve had teared the country in pain and now they are trying heal their own wounds. This is all about power, greed, self satisfaction. Citizens keep away and watch as it unfolds.

    • There is nothing that JM did can compare to what PO has done for this country. PO put us on the World Map once! Who will do it again? I’m not seeing it in JM, he’s an hypocrite so good at ‘maus wara’ & brain washing the good people of this beautiful nation.

  • There is no vacancy in the Top Post. And How can you force him to resign? Unrealistic! SC simply directed parliament to sit come December 14th. If you want the top post, get it the same way it was given. Not peacocking around. But remember, Parliament still reign supreme above all else and the government of the day still has the power. They can or can not entertain VONC through the speaker. Bring it to the floor and find out who will tug its tail in shame. Mr Okae, i am with you…the game is not over yet.

  • Voices that are coming through Hotel rooms,behind car seats have to no effect or power to change the PM except a Voice that comes through the democratic playing field (floor of Parliament) have the power to change PMJM or any PM.

  • Psalm 101:8 state ” Every morning I will remove all the wicked of the land, that I may cut off every evil doers from the city of the Lord.”

    PMJM ascended to the post of PM with a vote of 101:8. May the will of God be fulfilled in this nation. Luke 1:37.

  • What is it that Marape is doing that benefits the people? For the last 18 months people have been suffering. Most of our populace are from the rural areas, earning their living through subsistence farming. This government takes away some of the privileges that our people have been relying on like Tuition Fee Free Policy and the free health care on Government run hospitals.
    This government needs to change for the benefit of the people!

  • We are all supporting either side mostly based on our Melanesian and wantok values. All these politicians were all once together in making decisions whether good for the people of this nation or otherwise. We’ll see how things eventuate comes Monday 14th December

  • I’m not from the Highlands, nor am I PM James Marape’s supporter but I am amazed by the way PM has been doing so far. He law legislation is fair go attitude to benefit each and everyone in our nation. I’ve never heard or seen a member of Parliament or PM or other government department ceo’s talk about how foreign investors conduct business in harvesting our natural resources over ,they (investors ) have cheated us by getting more and paying less to our people individuals in the government have done that corrupt deals. And now comes life changing decision by honourable PM. The Wishtle Blower’s Bill, the ICAC Bill.
    All of this shows positive vision in the honourable PM, please be patient and have good spirit because changes and services doesn’t happen overnight.
    So people who aren’t with current government, don’t be blind by power hungry and self- centred opposition MPs.

    • Eddie, you are absolutely right.

      That is how people who are using this forum should be thinking and commenting. Rational thinking, based on reasons.

  • PMJM wants PNG to have greater share in the development of our natural resources including minerals, oil, gas, fisheries, our land. Those who support PMJM wants to stand their ground and fight for PNG to receive greater share – something we have been fighting for since independence.

    PO & BN on the other hand wants foreigners to continue exploiting our resources and continue to give us crumps. Those who support PO & BN wants to give away our resources cheaply.

    Shame on you folks for being cowards who do not wish to fight for our resources and wish sell their resources and souls to foreigners cheaply. When all the resources are completely exhausted with little to no long term benefit; they will end up selling their wives and daughters to foreigners for money. Would this be manly thing to do?

    Does anyone think I’m wrong?

    I would urge all of you educated and intelligent folks to think policy and support those who pursue good policies and not blindly follow foolish individuals MPs like cult. You PNGeans are too intelligent to be blind fools. Choose your policies carefully and support a government or political parties pursuing your policy choices.

    I support PMJM because he is pursuing all the policies I wanted for years. If PO and BN pursue the policies I want, then I would support them. But unfortunately, PO & BN are not pursusing policies I don’t like and therefore I will not support they.

  • Edddie mi stap wantaim yu………tru tru Nux worrying too much about free education and hospital fees. To tell yous the truth our country’s geography is not like some parts of Africa or some third world countries. We got very rich fertile land, sea and water to make money from with out paying any tax.
    But it is our laziness that is dragging the economy, the country and everyone down, but if we rise up na holim graun we will be better placed in our societies’ or communities’.
    !8 months compare to 96 months PO run this country, what a much improved stats. please give PJM 76 months and then we can compare and start judging his performance.

  • I think Mr. Marape is too transparent in his leadership..Papua new Guieans should be proud of such leader, the values of our natural resources that have been lost for more than 45 years are now in good shape with policies that will benefit the land owners and country as a whole… he is working on a vision please mp’s can we allow him to finish his term…

    • Agree with you Batz. PMJM is a transparent leader. For the 1st time in this country’s history a government has stood up to fight for the country to gain almost 50% share of economic returns from the country’s mineral resources (with some sacrifice from the mining sector). Such negotiation is rolling over into the oil and gas sector however handled more carefully in order that the same scenario that occurred (loss of some jobs) in the mining negotiation is not repeated in the oil and gas sector negotiation.

  • Ol power hungry lain lon hap sait,Kam lon parliament lon Monday na dilim kas na skelim namba. Court doesn’t win the game for you.Its your numbers on the floor that matters.
    Show PNG who your alternate PM is?Yupela gat planti Chief tumas so namba bai sot..

    • All those in the Oppositions camp boast about having all former PM and DPMs but supposing their alternate PM is not of choice,most will move back to the Government of PMJM so keep praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Hi All,
    All your comments good and Bads only God knows who will be the Leader on Monday 14th and he (God) will choses it for his People of PNG so sit down and watch your TV on the Date mentioned.

  • MP RP has brought to the court, challenging the legality of BN as the opposition leader for adjourning the parliament sitting to December 1. That case is yet to be decided by the courts. Earlier, PO’s lawyers were smart (that is what they are too good at), as a complainant, they did not brought this into the court yard (this is the element that triggers the recent political tug-of-war, and caused the speaker to have the parliament recall). The courts are yet to decide the legality of this moves by BN (I stand to be corrected).

    The recent court battle is in favor of PO (& his mastermind lawyers who continued to use legal techniques to make wrong become right legally) on behalf of the opposition. Opposition through BN have voted for parliament sitting to be held on December 1, that adjournment was also thrown out the window by the Supreme court apart from the parliament sitting dates set by the government side that was also made invalid. In other words, the opposition had slapped the government on the face and also punch themselves on the nose too. No actual winner declared yet in this game of political tug-of-war. In-fact they draw. The grand final will be played either in the coming Dec 14 sitting or sometimes at a set date in the future.

    At this stage, I do not see opposition on the winning side, however I see the courts on the winning side, making decision without fear or favor, unlike in the past when the courts have been sometimes hijack by the past governments. Courts to be independent in their decision making is the most important thing for PNG. We don’t want to see chief justice(s) being chased around in the court house (like what BN did to the chief justice), or court’s orders not honored by the government (like what PO did has PM in the past when court declared the removal of Sir Michael by PO unconstitutional and illigal yet PO and his government hesitate to reinstate Sir Michael).

    For the alternate PM in the opposition, that’s something challenging the opposition have to settle within. At the moment, PO, BN and SB are before the Tribunal therefore one of them cannot be appointed in the opposition camp as alternate PM or DPM (note that these are political party leader with good number of members). Opposition have been doing their best not to engaged in such discussions earlier as a group as they knew what the severe out come can be (i.e., unsatisfied political parties departing the opposition camp). In order to main solidity, opposition have to slowly and (and sometimes cunningly) negotiate within to satisfy every political parties.

    In the government side, there are couple of potential young vibrant leaders for prime ministership, however the support is at the moment placed by the MP on PMJM to lead.

    Let’s look out for the big day; Monday 14th Dec to expect the unexpected.

  • We love PMJM of his plan to take back PNG and made law in resource sector for the benefits of our own resources. We love him please. May good Lord will change some mindset of few members to join him PMJM please.

    We want him to continue as PM.

  • This is a never ending game in PNG Politics – People must now see what had happened and never ever entertain all these crook MPs in NGE2022. Vote for change comes 2022

  • NUX, your question…..What is it that Marape is doing that benefits the people? For the last 18 months people have been suffering. Most of our populace are from the rural areas, earning their living through subsistence farming.

    K50 million price support scheme (Government Strategy), to Help farmers receive a good price from commodities like; Coffee, Cocoa, Copra, etc. This is the very help farmers have been longing for, for the last 40 or so years.
    Those lazy people, roaming around doing nothing in the cities, they are the ones who doesn’t want to plough the soil, they are the ones complaining for free education and free health, not us in the village anymore because PMJM government is opening up all doors for an increase in MSMEs activities in the rural areas. With this governments intervention, now we can pay for school fees and medicine, and let the government worry about infrastructure.

  • If this VONC goes unsuccessful for Namah, please resign as politician go start a different. I blame Namah for all this crisis in PNG. Namah is the one who started all this in 2011. He made way for and brought O’Neil in during Somare’s turn. He then went around made way for Marape. Again he is doing the same thing over and over. Can he at least give sufficient time to any government that is taking PMs office to perform their due diligence? Citizens of PNG are suffering because of you Namah.

    If you don’t win this PMs sit, please don’t do politics in 2022. Do other things that suits you. You have away been a opposition leader throughout your political career. You always do it for other and you yourself is a forever opposition leader.

  • Political influence by other please stop it because we have brothers etc… who have been elected as members of parliament but yet we really dont know on how our country is running. I got my MP who is in opposition knowing he should be ok when opposition comes up with new alternative PM of this nation but the way the current government is going is outstanding compare to previous PM so thing can change in last dying seconds so let pray and what TV broadcast on Monday . Anyway the best PM of this country I say is PMJMarape compare to previous.

  • I believe the developer of the Pogera mine is 100% behind the opposition pumping them with millions of kina to throw the Marape government due to the fact that the government has closed the mine resulting in more than 20 million job lost. I don’t see any allegations or corruptions played by PMJM and his government. Also there is no miss conduct in the seat of PNG PM that was occupied by Hon. JM for the last 18 months. I think PM JM has been working really hard to settle the mass in economic that was created by former PM Peter O Neil.

    The only thing PMJM is doing is he tries to shut down foreign investors and boost local Papua New Guineans to take ownership of the resources and develop economy through SME policies, which is more appropriate for our people to start working to contribute to our economies. On the other hand, given the fact that the economic of this country is at the stake and might allow more than 10 to 20 years to recover. So with restrictions to foreign investors, I think the potential to boost economy recover is very minimal.
    Therefore, I suggest if government and opposition must work together to help fix the biggest mass of economical crisis in the history of PNG rather than running after the power and causing political infighting and instability. That phenomenal behavior of the political crisis will cause more uncertainty in the democratic power of the parliament and the constitutional contract can be breached due to the fact that the house has no power and dignity to conduct itself. One good example would be the Supreme Court making decisions for the parliament because politicians are all over the place.
    For the betterment of our people, this country and the generations to come, please politicians conduct yourself to your 5 years contract to bring development and change to our communities and sociaties to serve our people and voters better for what they deserves.
    Lord please help our nation PNG.

  • PMJM is doing a very good cleansing process to weed out corruption for the good of the country with his 18 months in office. We don’t expect big changes from PMJM within this short period of time because severe damaged has been done by previous government for some times and big one by PO. PMJP is doing the right thing by firstly weeding out the corruption in the system. He has the right spirit and attitude and he even mentioned in one of his speech in repentance day that “curse is any politician who steals in public purse ” and let the curse pass to him down to his generation including PM himself. Honestly, I have never heard any politician who is bold to make such statements. Let’s give PMJM another 5 years and see.

  • Both sides of the house are not straight, either side have their own share of the flaws as individuals and affiliations which we have all witnessed. We may not have perfect PM candidate yet but which ever way the political tide shifts, peoples interest must continue to take precedence above individuals and party interests .
    My recommendation, the winning team on 14th should consider, pursuing all the positives from both sides that are in the best interest of the citizens. I’m not a PMJM fanatic but I will work with the take back PNG slogan; reviewing of the resource laws must continue to be pursued to suit and benefit us the people of this humble nation.

  • Marape you have lost your trust of making illegal budget and moving vonc to April 2021.
    Shows you desperate of PMS.POST.


  • Hon. Allan Bird and Hon. Garry Juffa are matured leaders in the Government camp and did not move with the opposition and did not want a change of government until 2022. How can you change a country overnight and the change of government will not bring about big change. Let us not forget that all our MPs including PO & PMJM are not saints. PMJM was finance minister and PO PM when they worked TOGETHER as a team to procure the 2 diesel generators which costs this country millions of kina. There was a mass killing (massacre) in PMJM electorate in Tari Pori which scares tourists to come into this country and the Air Niugini Plane burnt down in SHP when PO was Prime minister giving bad signal to the international community.
    How about the recent K10.2 million PMJM awarded to Niugini Bio. Med without proper public tender & procurement process and the hijack of Parliamentary process to recall parliament with speaker Pomat and illegally pass the 2021 budget without our elected representatives (MPs) debating. With the recent political events and the past, other people apart from PMJM and PO could do a better prime minister for PNG.

  • Those who are supporting alternate government, let me ask you here; who actually brought in great changes within a year to our country while those former PMs in the alternate government were PM?

  • May be the right thing to happen now is for the Government General to step in and dissolve the Parliament under his powers as the Head of State

  • I don’t understand our leaders are acting in such a manner I suppose they should work together for the interest of people and the country not self Interest no one is perfect even if the new prime minister is elected.they will be lots of criticism thrown at him why not support marape and correct his mistakes in wrong decision making this is what our opposition should be doing… marape too must learn to listen and respect talk with the opposition on matters regarding the country and how to go about they must come upon one agreement to run this nation.

  • Be realistic.
    Banana trees do not grow overnight. The fruits do not ripe overnight either. It takes time. Once you plant, you need to learn to wait. Allow some rain to fall and the sun to shine on the plant. Wait for the night to come and the day to dawn. Only then, you can benefit from the fruit of your hard work.

    • While you are waiting for that banana tree to bear fruit? Do have an extra garden to sustain yourself? People are put out of jobs and are starving! Get real.

  • The two factions fighting for power are those for the people and those for themselves. You decide who is who?

  • Meri Dikana, your name sounds like you are from central. Did you see what has happened in Pom for the last 10 years? Do you think the same will happen for the next 10 years?
    You probably must have just woken up from your hibernation. And if you didn’t know, we are in 2020 and the actual date is 13/12/2020 & and the Government is going to change tomorrow.
    I hope you bookmarked this page so you can see this comment.

    • Nux, talk for the big picture not like the development for POM alone, you will see with your eyes what unfold for today.

  • Let PMJM complete next 18months and 2022 will decide who will be the next true PM for our nation.

  • The opposition’s fear of admitting who their alternate PM candidate would be is a sign of a conglomerate cluttered with confusion and varied interest i.e. more vulnerable to fragility as seen in the last Laguna camp.

  • Good afternoon everyone, am coming again reminding everyone of my visions. In my third vision I saw BN was trying to put neck tie around his neck but neck tie became too short and I informed everyone that BN will not take PM seat.
    Now looks like this vision comes to end as the opposition members have already appointed PP as alternate PM.
    In my other vision I saw PMJM was walking with one sided leg and he kept on walking.Believe that there will be something happening after this.Part of this vision was completed because he has already made some decisions without opposition.This may also mean he will continue run this country with half of the members and complete the term if the numbers of both sides are equal/balanced.Things are happening slowly and expecting my visions to come through.In my third vision I saw an old put neck around PO. After all these gone, PO will come back to power.I know most people will disagree with me when I say PO will come back to power but remember, In Hebrew 13:8 it says God is same yesterday, today and forever and so he knows the past, present and future. Whether it will be a evil or good person will rule, Gods knows everything and let us know in advance. Thank you and God bless PNG.

  • Keep telling us about your vision Kinz, its part of the discussion. I find it interesting even though I still have a lot of questions on the source of the vision. Only time will tell.

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